How to Gardening Easily

How to Gardening Easily
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Everyone would be willing to spend a lot of money for their hobbies. Even a fairly simple gardening hobby. Here are some ways that you can do in order to do gardening hobby and do not spend a lot of money

1. without grass

To save money, do not be planting grass in your garden. It has no grass means you do not have to mow the lawn every week or month, or spend a lot of time for weeding. You can use other materials for the garden surfaces such as gravel, stone, and more.

2. Avoid plants that need a lot of water

Some people like to linger watering their crops. But that you remain frugal in gardening, you should select plants that do not spend a lot of water. Plants are easy 'thirst' will make you spend more of water (including charges for water) when the weather is hot and dry.

3. Planting in pots

Planting in a limited space such as in pots or containers can also make you skimp. Small space makes you do not need hard smoothed wild plants that grow and be more easily watered. You not only can plant flowers, but also vegetables that can be utilized. In addition to saving on maintenance costs, you also profit.

4. Plants that grow slowly

For the long term, you can save energy and costs more if you choose plants that are slow growing. Slow-growing plants that will not make there are often cut or arrange. Try some flowers such as peonies, camellias, and rhododendrons.

5. Planting tubers

Planting bulbs is the most cost-effective way and can be advantageous for your gardening hobby. Once planted, the plant roots will continue to grow in the same place. The result can be harvested. If you do not like and prefer flower bulbs, you can try daffodils or tulips.

6. Avoid seasonal plants

If you want to save money for a hobby gardening, avoid plants that survive only in one season, eg dry season or wet season. It will make you spend money for new plants each season change. Better, stronger and select plants that can survive in any season. At the very least, does not require too much care when the weather turned bad.Hobby gardening can be a good asset and even profitable. Besides, hobby gardening also known to have good effects on a person psychologically. If you want to do the gardening hobby without spendingmuch money, try the above ways.

How to Plant Planting Hydroponically


Hydroponics is how to grow crops without using soil media and the use of water as a replacement media. By using water as a medium for growing media of plants. In principle all plants can be grown using hydroponics systems. There are a variety of hydroponic techniques that you can choose to grow hydroponically.

What should be prepared to grow plants hydroponically?? How to grow hydroponic principle is not to use soil media but using the medium of water with nutrients that plants need to grow and thrive. Well if you want to start a hydroponic plant, lets read.

1.      Seeds Seedlings 

Beginning prior to planting crops of course we need seeds to be planted, the first is to plant the seeds seedlings crop seeds are ready to be transferred to plant. You can grow vegetables with a short harvest period in order to quickly harvest, spinach, kale, mustard greens, for example. These preparation as much as possible 2 weeks before planting and hydroponic system chosen.

2. Hydroponic System

There are many hydroponic systems that you can choose to grow hydroponically, wick system, NFT, fustigation. If the beginning is still the easiest to use a scale hobby wick system / axis. Those are easy and inexpensive.

3. Media are required

To grow hydroponic course requires media as a place to grow crops, now there are some tools and equipment you need to prepare before starting berhidroponik.1) Growing media, you can use the growing media such as rock wool, coco peat, husk fuel, sand etc. 2) sets of hydroponics, you can buy a starter kit for this system wick or you can also create your own.

4. Nutrients Hydroponics

Hydroponic nutrients are very important for the outcomes on hydroponic plant, because no hydroponic nutrients of course you cannot grow hydroponically. Hydroponic nutrients are macro and micro nutrients that are required for plant growth. You can buy or make your own as well, for my hobby scale sure bought a lot cheaper compared to making your own.

5. Maintenance

When all was ready, the seedlings are grown hydroponically ready next stage is the period of plant maintenance. Try to fit the needs of plant nutrients so that optimal growth as expected.

6. Harvest Hydroponics

The sixth stage of the above is how to grow plants hydroponically, to scale, you can choose to scale hobby or production scale.For you who want to start growing vegetables hydroponically, there are products starter kit hydroponic wick system uses; you can immediately start growing vegetables hydroponically with this starter kit.

3 Ways to Make Garden Soil Better


For those who think about carrying food gardening spade, make holes, then planting, wait a minute. One thing needs to be ensured is the nutrient content in the soil.Following organic gardening, spread compost or mulch to the soil surface may be sufficient to add nutrients. But success depends on healthy gardening or absence of soil in the long term. Better soil conditions will increase the productivity and quality of crops.

How to make garden soil better for the long term? Here the ways

1. Do Coating (Layering)

Soil in raised beds can be padded through two techniques: dig (dig) or without digging (no dig). In the first technique, the soil dug to taste, then given the layers upon layers of organic materials and soil. In the technique without digging, layers of organic matter and soil piled enough above the ground to a certain height.

Layering can be interpreted to compost directly on the ground, so when organic materials decompose, nutrients directly absorbed by the plant. Lots of organic material can be used as layers of soil fertility. Green leaves, dried leaves, straw, plant stems, twigs plant, plain paper, newsprint, cardboard, fruit peel, peel beans, and materials that can be utilized quickly unraveled another. The smaller the pieces, the faster the organic materials decompose by changes in temperature and microorganisms.

2. Add decomposition 

To speed up the process of decomposition of organic materials by high temperatures and microorganisms, as well as to add nutrients, especially high levels of nitrogen, add animal waste (manure) on the ground or in process layering. Prioritizing feces of grazing animals are cattle, goat, horse, or rabbit.

To minimize contamination of germs, use breeder home or small farms. It is recommended to use the dirt that had been left for three months (had been left at home for three months; or in compost during the three months prior to sowing; or give a three-month pause between sowing and harvesting crops dirt drawn particularly tubers or leaves).

3. Love Tiny Creatures

Land is home to creature’s small creatures. In healthy soil, billions of micro-organisms - ranging from the visible to the worm-like invisible like bacteria - the process of decomposition of organic materials in order to become nutrients for plants. They also make small cavities so that air can get into the ground.Another way is to not use dangerous chemicals, whether it is pesticides, herbicides, as well as non-organic fertilizers. Besides harmful to human health, unnatural ingredients that can also destroy beneficial microorganisms which is really the main capital preservation of soil fertility.There is 3 ways to make garden soil better.

Benefits of Gardening for Our Health

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In the past, your parents must like gardening or farming. Unfortunately, now gardening activities are often anymore. For weeding we ask for help or assistant artisan grass around our homes.In fact, gardening is good for health. What are the benefits of gardening, here are a few you need to know from a psychologist:

1.      Gardening regarded as moderate intensity exercise issued. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), you can burn up to 330 calories an hour while gardening. The amount is more than lifting weights for the same time.

2.      Only with 30 minutes of gardening activities in a week, you can prevent and control high blood pressure. In fact, according to The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, gardening can fight high blood pressure.

3.      When you are gardening outdoors, tantamount to bask in the sun. At that time, you will absorb a lot of vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium. Calcium helps keep your bones to be strong and keep your immune system. But remember, do this activity in the morning, yes!

4.      Although it may sound a bit cliché, according to Anna Ranieri, PhD., When gardening or planting, you can reduce stress. Try to look at the trees and feel the soil between your fingers while digging. When digging the soil and plant the seeds enter your mind will be focused so that it can train your concentration.

5.      A study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology shows, when you prune the plant, you're actually mapping the emotional impact around flowers. You can smile at the sight of the flowers and have a positive effect on your mood is not it?

6.      Positive impact on health
Gardening activities as well as exercise to burn calories so it is good for the health of the body. When doing this fun hobby, you would have to cut grass, trimmed and potted plants, flower planting and fertilizing and watering.

All these activities can burn about 280 calories to 380 calories per hour. The number of calories burned is equivalent to jogging or running for 30 minutes. Moreover, this activity is very beneficial for men's health, because it can treat impotence or erectile dysfunction.

7.      Curing illness and accelerate the recovery process
According to the study, some patients in the hospital more easily recovered if it is in a green environment or in a room with indoor plants. This effect on blood pressure, heart rate and diabetics, because the calories can reduce sugar levels in the body. So if you have family members who are sick, do these activities and make your home beautiful and comfortable.

Gardening On a Narrow Terrace House


Do you want to do gardening but confused because you have no large yard? Let us try give a solution. It turns out that gardening does not have to have a spacious terrace, you know ... the narrow terrace which we could try to make a garden, vegetable garden examples that can be beneficial to our health and more efficient.Vegetables are the usual food we consume daily; vegetables contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that are useful for our body. Then there is no harm if we take advantage of the terrace of our house for a healthy vegetable gardening.
The first, planted in pots or polybags
The way this one is pretty much done by the community, simply provide vegetable seedlings and then planted in pots in accordance with planting in general, or as I ever do at home, when I was trying to plant spinach. Only by mixing the seeds with dry ash and then sprinkle on the soil surface in the already mixed compost in pots, ash is useful so that the seeds are not clotted and spread evenly.Planting with this pot will not spend space, simply stored in corners or lined up in front of the fence, and do not forget to be treated.
Second, planted with the pipe or bamboo
If your home pipes many remnants of unused, so let's just take advantage of our gardening land. The way to prepare pipes with a diameter of approximately is about 15 cm with a length of 1m or according to your wishes. Then cover the hole with plastic and then give the holes for air circulation, in a horizontal position holes in the top and bottom as shown in the figure below.Then filled with soil and given new compost / fertilizer then ready to be planted vegetable seedlings. But to further enhance this preferably after pipes planted with vegetables it is stored by hanging wear a wire or attached to the fence or wall can too.
Third, utilizing tin
Planting in this way is almost the same as the second way, ie with perforated his first cans and then filled with soil mixed with compost.In addition to deal with a narrow terrace with useful things like a vegetable garden this, but we also are not directly recycling back the goods that are not used. Narrow terraces are now turned into a lush green garden and beautiful... Good luck.

Vertical Garden, Gardening Method in Narrow Land


Vertical Garden, Gardening Method in Narrow Land
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Vertical Garden, Gardening Method in Narrow Land. Vertical Garden is one solution which can be solving a problem for those who love gardening but do not have their yards. Its called vertical garden because the plants are planted in pots arranged vertically and not parallel as in general. In this way space is needed to put the pots are very small so it does not consume a lot of places.

Benefits Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening garden is a solution for those who live in urban areas. Who wants fresh air around the house but do not have much land to grow green plants. Has been scientifically proven that green plants capable of reducing pollution and freshen the air. In urban areas which usually have limited land, vertical garden is one solution that is enlightening.

The beauty of it is costly. If you want to have a modern cool vertical garden of course it is not cheap. The shelves are in use to build a vertical garden is usually made of stainless steel are corrosion resistant. Although exposed to water and heat, will remain clean and shiny. To have a vertical shelves beautiful garden, can be ordered directly in figures garden tools, nursery.

But if you want to still have a small garden beside the house with a pattern of vertical garden but do not want to pay too much, it can be done simply. For example premises utilizing secondhand goods around you. There are a lot of used containers if processed with a bit of style will look beautiful.
Vertical garden can be used for growing crops anything, but of course that is in accordance with its large and small pots. It can be short-lived planted vegetables or ornamentals that are not woody. To see an example of vertical garden you may see picture on the side.

As a decorative object, not only can make the beauty of the plants to be interesting, but also the fact that they are alive and always changing. A lot of work done to produce an aesthetic garden but part of this is to develop a pulling sensation in life and unpredictability that plants carry within them. For the overall design inspiration is taken from the natural form and environment in which plant species have their areas of origin, in a smaller scale each species given the context in which the plants can develop their individual characteristics.Thank for reading,i hiope my article about Vertical Garden, Gardening Method in Narrow Land can help you .