Create Your Own Garden Shed Corner Shelves

Garden sheds provide extra storage for outdoor equipment, but adding shelves to increase storage capacity and allows you to store items such as fertilizers and insecticides that you do not want to leave on the ground. There may not be enough space for a long shelf on the side of the building, especially if you keep the mower in the shed, but the rack angles take up less space and may be enough for your storage needs
You can put your gardening pelatan into this rack.

Here I have to make a simple way how to create your own garden shed corner shelf.
Create Your Own Garden Shed Corner Shelves1. measure the width of each of the direction you want to extend the shelf angle. Put a sign on each wall  where   the shelves will end. For example, measuring 12 inches along each wall.
Measure the distance between the two marks on the front of the rack spacing will we make
2 .Cut a pair of board 1-by-12-inch distance measured in Step 2. Cut four 1-inch slices from the end of the memo board, this will be your mountain wall.Place the board flat on the work surface. Measure and mark the center point on the back edge of the board.
3. Position the interior angles on the metal right corner marks the halfway point, and the interior edge of each leg of the right angle on the front edge of the board that will be your shelves. The midpoint of the back board and two on the front edge of the board corners dots forming a right triangle. Draw a line along the inner edge of the foot to make a cut line to your shelves corner.

4. Cut 1-by-12-inch cutting board along the line you drew.
position one wall mount - 1-inch slices you cut the memo board - horizontally on the wall near the corner. Wall-mounted level and nail it in place. Repeat on the next wall, ensuring that both wall mounts are aligned with each other.

5. Place your cutting board on top of the mountain wall. For additional safety, insert a nail at an angle through the back of the rack and into the wall.

That's the easy way to make a garden shed corner shelf that I wrote, which of course may be useful to you. good luck . Source

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